Roberto Aloi was born in Palermo (Italy) on August 31st 1897.
He didn't end any regular study.

He began in Ravenna in 1918 with his first personal exhibition helped and spurred by the friends Corrado Ricci, Santino Muratori and Diego Valeri.
In 1920 he moved to Milano and since then he took active part to the artistic national movement: from 1927 he was one of the "baguttiani", he brought his works to the Biennal exhibition of Venice (1936,1938,1940,1950) to some Quadriennali in Rome and to some important foreign exhibition.

From 1958, he also worked at some sculpture with embossments of silver, copper and gold and his works are kept in many churches and pubblics building in northern Italy.

He worked for the turboships Cristoforo Colombo, Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo and Raffaello with pictures, tapestries and embossments.

In 1934 he took interest in architecture and furnishing of all the world publishing about fourty volumes with the publisher Ulrico Hoepli from Milan.
In the immediate postwar period (1949) he created the series of "Examples" ("Esempi").The choice of the materials and the pagination reflects the aesthetical taste of the painter, above any tendency, with the only intent of making   contemporary architecture to be known in the world.

Versatile and shy artist, he worked with costancy until the last days of his lifes.
He suddenly died on  june 26th 1981 at Berzo S.Fermo (Bergamo-Italy) in his house-studio where he used to spend several mounths every year while drawing the landscape from the valley, that you can find in many of his pictures.

Pianura lombarda, 1947,olio su tavola
cm 25x40

Fantasia in laguna, 1940, olio su tela,
cm 70x90

Croce, rame argentato e sbalzato, 1984,
cm 40x25