In 1934 with the publication of the volume "The modern furnishing" ("L'arredamento moderno"), Aloi began his activity of studying and writing about architecture, furnishing and decorative art. These volumes are one of the most important iconographic collections of the taste and of the artistic tendencies of those years.

In fifty years of job he published, always for the publisher Ulrico Hoepli, more than forty volumes collecting success and world resonance.

In the postwar period he creates the series of "Examples" ("Esempi"), always of international interest: each volume, with hundreds of illustrations and sketches, with Italian and English explanations (for a lot of books also in French and German), has an historical preface written by different specialised architects.
This job gave to Aloi the opportunity of visiting places, of rebuilding grafics and project, of establishing relations with the most important italian and foreign architects and  designers like Giņ Ponti, Carlo de Carli, Angioldomenico Pica, Vico Magistretti and many other.

The job of Aloi included, beside the choice of the works to publish, the grafic impagination, the careful choice of the iconographicds material, all in conformity to a precise aesthetical taste.
The main idea of these books was to join the demands of precise technical information adressed to experts of the sector with those of a larger pubblic  that would to approach the different disciplines or subjects discussed in them.

For the volume "New architecture in Milan" ("Nuove architetture a Milano") Aloi got the card ad Honorem from the "Collegio degli Architetti".
While presenting the volume he wrote:"... An almost filial homage, to this town which I consider to be my true city, since I don't know how long - a faithful and efficient manifestation of hte enormous vitality which is pheraps the essential component of this always new city despite its more than thousand years."

These books are still used for researches and accademic studies about design and aesthetical taste of that period.


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L'arredamento Moderno,1934
L'arredamento Moderno, II serie,1939
L'arredamento Moderno, III serie, 1945
L'arredamento Moderno, IV serie, 1949
L'arredamento Moderno, V serie, 1952
L'arredamento Moderno,VI serie, 1955
L'arredamento Moderno, VII serie, 1964
L'architettura funeraria Moderna, 1941
Arte Funeraria d'Oggi, 1959
Mobili Tipo, 1956
Nuove Architetture a Milano, 1959
Camini e ambiente, 1963
Ville d'oggi, 1964
50 Ville del nostro tempo, 1970
Nuove Ville, 1971
Teatri e auditorium, 1972
Ospedali (in collaborazione con l'arch. Carlo Bassi), 1972


    1.Sedie, poltrone, divani, 1950
    2bis,Sedie, poltrone, divani, seconda serie 1953
    2. Tavoli, Tavolini, carrelli, 1950
    2bis Tavoli, Tavolini, carrelli, seconda serie, 1955
    3. Sale da pranzo, 1956
    4. Camere da letto, 1953
    5. Sale di soggiorno, camini, 1952
    6. Studi, librerie, scrivanie, 1956
    9. Gioielli, sbalzi, argenti, 1954
    11. Vetri d'oggi, 1955
    12. Arte e Arredi sacri, 1950
    13. Negozi d'oggi, 1954
    14. Architetture per lo spettacolo, 1958
    15. Camini d'oggi, 1952
    16. Illuminazione d'oggi. 1956
    17. Esposizioni, 1960
    18. Ville in Italia, 1960
    19. Mercati e negozi, 1959
    20. Ville nel mondo, 1961
    21. Musei Architettura-Tecnica, 1962

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